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Lady Anne and the
Haunted Schoolgirl

Lady Anne Addison Mysteries #5

When a childish prank is linked to murder, Lady Anne Addison must investigate the death of a young woman at the hands of a ghoulish fiend. . .

As her wedding to Lord Darkefell approaches, Lady Anne is summoned by a local girls' school to help them with a young student troubled by ghostly apparitions. She's quick to respond, and quick to discover the trickery behind the so-called ghosts. But despite her efforts to demonstrate to the student that she's been the victim of a cruel hoax, the young woman apparently jumps to her death the very next night.

Stunned and saddened by the turn of events, Lady Anne soon realizes that what she thought was a prank was a dark precursor to foul play. Certain that someone closely connected to the school murdered the young woman, Lady Anne promptly begins questioning students and staff alike to root out the culprit.

Confronting calculating young classmates, pompous instructors, and even the shockingly callous relatives of the victim, she still feels no closer to the killer. Then a pattern emerges suggesting exactly who was behind the foul deed, and Anne will put her life on the line to find justice for a young woman who lost her own life too soon. . .  

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LADY ANNE and the
Menacing Mystic
Lady Anne Addison Mysteries #4

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Narrated by: Danielle Cohen

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Praise for 'Lady Anne and the Menacing Mystic '.
Can't get enough of this series! Another simply delightful entry in the Lady Anne Addison Mysteries series. … Lady Anne is in Bath with her mother and grandmother preparing for (her) upcoming marriage. But trust her to get into just as much trouble as ever, to be as curious – or shall we just be honest and say nosy? – and to go to any lengths to find the truth and protect those she cares for. Always such fun to see how she pushes the boundaries of the constraints on women in her society. She’s smart, capable, loyal, determined and not afraid to speak her mind.
Barnes & Noble Reviewer 'Grandma Cootie' --Five Stars!

This is a thought provoking, uniquely complex plotted, historical gothic fiction mystery set in  Georgian England.…An interesting array of characters take the reader to the social realities and attitudes of a different style of life in a different time period.The setting was detailed beautifully. The description is so well defined the reader will feel as if they are experiencing the culture as the cleverly crafted, well fleshed out characters do… I found this story to be a truly enjoyable read full of shenanigans, imagination, rich period details and enjoyed seeing Lady Anne’s thought process and emerging independence throughout the story.
                                                                                                                                       —Barnes & Noble Reviewer ‘carol223CS’ –Five Stars!
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Sieve and Let Die
Vintage Kitchen Mystery #11

In the new Vintage Kitchen Mystery, Jaymie's not sure who to believe when every suspect's alibi has as many holes as a sieve . . .

  Vintage cookware collector Jaymie Muller is stunned when an irate woman accuses her pharmacist friend Val of tampering with her prescription. When more unfounded accusations follow, it seems clear the woman has a personal grudge against Val. But before they can figure out why, Jaymie and Val stumble upon the woman's dead body on the steps of Val's pharmacy. Given her altercations with the woman and the location of the body, the police naturally suspect Val.

Jaymie has heard rumors that the victim had become forgetful and erratic, but could that explain her death? And why was Val being framed as her murderer? Determined to find the clues that connect the woman's strange behaviour to her death, Jaymie begins questioning the people in her life, and soon suspects that the culprit is among them. But she'll have to be careful about who she confronts, because while solving murders is hard work, there's a killer on the loose who finds committing them all too easy . . .
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Some Touch of Madness
Sequel to the critically acclaimed
'A Gentlewoman's Guide to Murder'.

A hushed-up murder sends Emmeline St. Germaine on a quest for justice . . .

  Having chosen to go to a women's institution rather than live under her brother's oppressive thumb, Emmeline is second-guessing her decision. Her ulterior motive was to learn under what circumstances her sister died there six years ago, but the conditions are dismal, the treatment is harsh, and the women are restricted on all sides. When one of the women is murdered, Emmeline resolves to solve the crime despite the powerful owner's hostile insistence that the death was a suicide.

 As she uncovers what little evidence there is to be found, Emmeline's investigation is thwarted at every turn by the increasingly severe restrictions on her movement-- until she discovers that the mistreated help belowstairs are more than willing to reveal the institute's grim secrets.
Determined to honor the victim's memory and follow the trail to the murderer wherever it goes, Emmeline will have to face down thuggish guards and abusive staff, fearful all the while of the price she'll pay to bring a killer to justice...

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Narrated by: Heather Wilds

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FIRST in a NEW Series!
Scandal and slayings among
Regency London's elite. . .

Refusing to stand by while the wealthy men of London prey on their powerless scullery maids and other young women, Miss Emmeline St. Germaine has made it her mission to rescue the victims and threaten the men at dagger-point to cease their depravities. But mere hours after she pays just such a visit to a prominent knight, he's found murdered, and all of London is aghast.

Did the man-- or woman-- who murdered the knight know of her visit? Facing scandal and the ruination of her family, Emmeline must solve the crime before she and her work are exposed. But there are powerful forces at work to silence her-- or worse, lead her to the hangman's noose for a crime she did not commit. . .
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Praise for 'A Gentlewoman's Guide To Murder'.
[An] outstanding series launch. . .  Hamilton expertly balances the page-turning detection with the story of a hypocritical society
where women, whether they are scullery maids or orphans, rarely get to make their own decisions.
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Hamilton's novel will appeal to fans of Anne Perry's Charlotte and Pitt mysteries.Booklist

[A] simply riveting and compulsive page-turner of a read from cover to cover. A deftly scripted mystery with more
twists and turns than a Coney Island roller coaster.
Midwest Book Review

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Narrated by: Heather Wilds

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There was never a time when I didn't want to be a writer, and it was how I always defined myself. But even when I wasn't writing -- which at first was most of the time! -- I was reading. Since the moment my mom handed me an Agatha Christie book when I was twelve, I've been a devoted mystery fan, and the passion lives on!

It may seem odd, then, that I started my writing career as a Regency romance author, gradually moving to the paranormal romance, and then historical mystery writing. I truly enjoyed my time writing romance, and I believe that it was the perfect training ground to force me to focus on creating character.

But the urge to write and become published in mysterty still held me captive. I finally achieved my life's dream with the publication of the first Vintage Kitchen Mystery: A Deadly Grind, in May of 2012.

Aside from writing, I have a lot of hobbies and passions. I collect vintage bowls, especially Pyrex and kitchen utensils. I also have a sizable collection of teacups. Cooking and baking muffins -- of course! -- are beloved pastimes. I have the best friends and family in the world, and I am passionately fond of tea and anything sweet, especially brownies ;-) I enjoy hobbies: crochet, cross-stitch, and beading, among other crafts.

But writing takes precedence over everything, and I truly love hearing from readers, treasuring the friends I've made over the years!

So... drop me a line anytime!
Victoria Hamilton

National Bestselling Author

Did you know...
Victoria Hamilton & Amanda Cooper
pseudonyms of
Donna Lea Simpson?

  Donna Lea Simpson (also Donna Simpson) is a nationally bestselling romance and mystery author with over 40 novels and seven novellas to date.

  Kensington Books
published her first romance novels under their imprint Zebra Regency Romances, and Berkley published her 'Awaiting...' paranormal romance series set in Germany. Other novels include Book 1 of the 'Lady Anne' series... a historical romance mystery at Sourcebooks. (Lady Anne books 1 2 & 3 are available at Beyond The Page.)

  These days, Donna writes traditional mysteries under the pseudonym Victoria Hamilton and Amanda Cooper. But now, thanks to Beyond The Page Publishing, she is thrilled to bring back the Regencies & historical mysteries that readers loved so well.

For more info about Donna's historical romance & mystery novels, visit her website at: www.donnaleasimpson.com

Donna Lea Simpson
National Bestselling Historical Romance Author

Donna Lea Simpson's NEW book!
Lady Savage  
Classic Regency Romances Book #22

  Preparing to sail from Jamaica to England, Savina Roxeter knows she should be looking forward to marrying her betrothed and settling into a quiet and comfortable life among the ton, but she can only despair at the thought of leaving the lush and beautiful island she loves for the staid confines of London society. Once on the high seas, however, Savina's thoughts turn only to survival, as their ship is commandeered and she and her party are left stranded on a primitive island with meager provisions and little hope of rescue.

  Determined not to succumb to their misfortune, the group set about assessing their surroundings and preparing for the rigorous challenge of the days and nights ahead. And while her imperious fiance', his viperish sister, and even her own father bemoan the harsh conditions, Savina thrives as she becomes more attuned to the pulse and rhythm of nature-- and the powerful desire she feels in the company of her fiance's secretary, Anthony Heywood.

  As the two are inexorably drawn together in this primal paradise, Savina casts aside her notions of impropriety and allows herself to respond to Anthony's elemental strength and innate understanding of what's truly important. And as the promise of a new and passionate future with Anthony becomes impossible to ignore, she will come to discover that surrending to their burgeoning love may be the only rescue she truly needs...

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